The Arlington Curriculum

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     The Arlington School takes pride in the quality of our educational experience and in our flexible and individualized curriculum. We strive to fit the needs of every student, always taking into account his or her interests, strengths, and weaknesses.

    The Arlington School follows the Alabama State Department of Education Course of Study for all grade levels.   In addition to the required courses, The Arlington School offers a wide variety of electives which rotate from year to year.  Examples of electives which have been offered in the past include art, PE, guitar, filmmaking, drama, yoga, ballroom dance, creative writing, Spanish, French, Latin, psychology, and journalism.  New electives are added often.

    A study hall is a part of every student's schedule, so that the student may work on homework or classwork at school in order to receive help from the teachers if necessary.

      Community service is also an important part of the curriculum of The Arlington School.  Realizing the importance of "giving back" to our communities, the students of The Arlington School have participated in a variety of community service projects.  During the 2015-2016 school year, the students volunteered with the Greater Birmingham Humane Society, Weimaraner Rescue of the South, and the Birmingham Botanical Gardens.  In fact, the school has formed a partnership with the Botanical Gardens which will continue into the future.  Not only does volunteering help others; it also helps those who volunteer by giving them a sense of accomplishment.  In performing different types of community service, students  may make others feel valued and appreciated, or they may contribute to the improvement of the environment.  No matter what type of service they perform, they are making their world a better place, and they are becoming a new generation of caring and experienced citizens, activists, and volunteers.








Dedicated to the Success of the Individual Student