Middle School


Grade 6                                                               Grade 7                                                         Grade 8


English 6                                                             English 7                                                       English 8                                       

Math 6                                                                 Math 7                                                          Math 8 or Pre-Algebra

Social Studies 6                                                 Social Studies 7                                           Social Studies 8                                             

Science 6                                                            Science 7                                                       Science 8



                                                                                                                          High School  


To earn a high school diploma, students must earn a total of at least 24 credits including the following:


4 credits of English/Language Arts


4 credits of math including Algebra I, Geometry and Algebra II

     Other math courses offered include Algebra III, Pre-Calculus and Calculus.  


4 credits of science  including a physical science, (such as Physical Science, Chemistry, or Physics) and Biology. 

     Other science courses offered include Environmental Science, Marine Biology, Forensic Science,

     Anatomy and  Physiology                  


4 credits of Social Studies (World History, American History I and II, Government and Economics)ui


Other courses required for graduation include:

     1 credit in physical education

     .5 credit  in fine arts

     .5 credit in Health Education

     .5 credit in Computer Application

     1 credit in Career Preparedness



Electives vary each year to give students an opportunity to take a variety of electives if desired.  These are electives which are possible electives for this school year.


                Spanish I, II, III, and IV                                                  Psychology                                                         A Survey of Movies

                Sociology                                                                        High School Art                                                 Filmmaking

                Current Events                                                              Middle School Art                                             Art of Cinema

                Journalism                                                                      Art History                                                        

                Yoga                                                                                Computer Applications

                Street Law                                                                      Fitness                                                                

                French I, II, III, and IV                                                    Guitar           



Arlington Grading Scale


A          90 - 100

B          80 - 89

C          70 - 79

D          65 - 69

F            0 - 64




Course Offerings