Bead for Life Community Partner


    Bead for Life is a 501 (C)(3) organization based in Colorado which provides jobs for impoverished women in Uganda. In these jobs, the women make beautiful handcrafted paper beads from recycled paper and turn them into jewelry. Because the beaders use recycled, colorful paper, the beads help also prevent environmental degradation. What was trash becomes beauty, money, food, and hope.

     BeadForLife creates temporary jobs for women in Uganda as bead-rollers and Shea collectors.  Within 18-months to a year the women are able to build enough capital from the bead jewelry or Shea products to start their own businesses or go to school. From beautiful beaded jewelry to soothing Shea butter products, their items are of the highest quality and are made from love and hope. 

     Debbie Petitto, along with the Arlington School,  has been made a community partner because of the work that she has done to promote awareness of this  amazing program.  The bead sales throughout the school year are events that everyone looks forward to.  On the website,, one can read fascinating stories about the women who work in Uganda and who have made tremendous changes in their lives.  These women are impoverished, hardworking and intelligent women with a strong desire to improve their lives. 

     The goal is for these women to be independent of BeadforLife within 18 months by being able to support themselves within the Ugandan economy. To assist members in launching their own small businesses or in creating new revenue streams, we provide entrepreneurial training, facilitate savings accounts, and make business funds available. In the rural areas our program focuses on agricultural development.

     BeadforLife sponsors Community Development projects in health, vocational training for impoverished youth, affordable housing, and business development. These projects are financed with the net profits from the sale of the beads and Shea butter products and support not only Bead for Life members, but other impoverished people living in Uganda.