Mrs. Deborah Petitto


The Arlington School is the realization of a long time dream of Mrs. Deborah Petitto.  After thirty-five years of teaching in the private sector, often in difficult settings, Mrs. Petitto created The Arlington School in 1999.  Her vision was of a school for those students who want to learn, but who have become frustrated by lack of individual attention or other problems found in a larger school setting. 

Mrs. Petitto holds a Master's Degree in Special Education/Emotional Conflict from the University of Alabama at Birmingham; a Master's Degree in Afro American Studies from Boston University; and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in History and Secondary Education from the University of Alabama.

Mrs. Petitto's vision was of a school where students look forward to learning;  where students who have been told repeatedly that they cannot learn are given the opportunity to succeed; where every student is challenged and supported; where every student is respected and feels comfortable to be himself. 

The accomplishments of former Arlington students are a testimony to the success of The Arlington School.  Graduates of the school have excelled in a variety of vocations, including teachers, college professors, television producers, actors, artists, nutritionists, and members of the business world.


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