The Arlington School was created to provide intensive academic services to students in grades 6 through 12 who have not been successful in more traditional academic settings.  The enrollment of the school is kept to a minimum of thirty students to ensure that each student receives the individualized academic instruction that he or she needs.  A structured environment makes it possible for all students to achieve success.​



The Arlington School is a private school dedicated to the academic success of each individual student.  We value academic achievement and believe that it fosters growth in the individual, positive self-esteem, and strength of character.

   The Mission Statement
   of The Arlington School


     The Arlington School, a private school for sixth through twelfth grades, is concerned with the development of the whole person:  intellectual, social, and physical.  We recognize that an important part of the educational process is to develop each student's relationship to himself/herself and to others.  We therefore stress as a crucial component to our educational process tolerance and respect for others.  We believe that acceptance of differences in others is the key to a successful, contributing member of society for today and the future.

    We believe that we share the education of each student with his or her parents.  We endeavor always to assist and to cooperate with the family toward this goal.

     We strive to provide a quality educational experience for each student.  We are an alternative school that responds to the individual student.  The academic and activity programs are designed to meet individual needs, interests, and ability levels.  

     We believe that each individual student has a responsibility to the community and to foster that responsibility, we, as a school, participate in volunteer activities in the community.  In serving the needs of others, we believe that we are contributing to the growth and self-worth of our students.


      The Philosophy of
    The Arlington School
ACT College Readiness Report

     Each year the ACT Testing Service prepares a college readiness report for each school participating in ACT testing .  This letter reports the readiness of students to perform well in college.  Arlington's students' scores were consistently  above the overall scores of the state. 

     In college English composition Arlington students performed at the 75th percentile while the state average was 65th percentile.  In college social science, Arlington students scored at the 75th percentile; the state average was 43.  In college biology, Arlington students performed at the 50th percentile; the state average was 31.

      In today's society so much emphasis is placed on testing.  Arlington's emphasis is the coursework.  Our scores show that we are definitely doing something right.

Dedicated to the Success of the Individual Student

The Arlington School

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